True Love Takes Hard Work


Our first Latin@ Lit group was a great mix of six bilingual speakers. Right in time for “el mes de amor” (the month of love) we had a meaty discussion on the similar symptoms experienced as a result of love and/or cholera. We also agreed that true love builds over time. One of our members shared that she’s been married for over 20 years and her husband sometimes expresses his love through the expressed love of her food.  While most of us believe in love at first sight, we also agreed that true love isn’t just based on physical attraction. Toward the end of the evening, a member spoke about the importance of loving oneself and having a positive self-esteem in order to attain true love.  A few of the members read “El Amor en los tiempos del Cólera” in Spanish and the others in English. Gabriel García Márquez most definitely succeeded in getting us all in the mood for true love and we are hopeful that it exists and some of us are blessed to experience it.  -Elvira

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