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Latino Americans / Latino Americanos


LOL_Latino Americanos.SPA_Coverby Ray Suarez

Latino Americans chronicles the rich and varied history of Latinos, who have helped shaped our nation and have become, with more than fifty million people, the largest minority in the United States. This companion to the landmark PBS miniseries, and authored by acclaimed journalist Ray Suarez, vividly and candidly tells how the story of Latino Americans is the story of our country.

Esta es una crónica de la rica y variada historia de los Latinos en Estados Unidos, quienes han colaborado en la formación de nuestra nación y ahora constituyen el grupo minoritario más  numeroso con cerca de 50 milllones de personas. Este libro acompaña las mini series de la PBS, creadas por el aclamado periodista Ray Suarez, quien con energía, pero candidamente, relata cómo la historia de los latinos es la historia de nuestro país.

The group will meet Wednesday, November 12, 7-8:30 pm, 3rd Floor, Seminar Room, Main Library. Attendees have the option to read in English and/or Spanish. Discussions may also be in English and Spanish. Attendees do not have to be bilingual. Copies of Ray Suarez’s Latino Americans (Spanish: Latino Americanos) will be held at the 2nd floor Readers Services Desk one month before the discussion. Call to register at (847) 448-8620! — Also check out our Latin@ blog:!