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Women with Big Eyes = Mujeres de ojos grandes


LOL_Women with Big Eyes.ENG_Coverby Ángeles Mastretta

A collection of mystical stories written by author Ángeles Mastretta, Women with Big Eyes tells with sly humor the experience of 39 women—specifically, aunts—who are linked by one common thread: their feminine intuitive powers. Originally conceived as a way of telling her daughter about her long line of powerful female ancestors, Mastretta’s bestselling book delivers a series of remarkable and mesmerizing portraits of women from Mastrettas’ native Mexico.

Una colección de cuentos místicos escritos por la autora Ángeles Mastretta, Mujeres de Ojos Grandes, relata con humor astuto, la experiencìa de 39 mujeres—específicamente, tías—quien estan vinculadas por un hilo común: sus poderes intuitivos femeninos. Originalmente concebido como una manera de decirle a su hija sobre sus antepasados de mujeres ponderosas, Mastretta ofrece una serie de retratos hipnotizantes de mujeres que provienen de su nativo México.

The group will meet Wednesday, October 14, 7-8:30 pm, 3rd Floor, Seminar Room, Main Library. Attendees have the option to read in English and/or Spanish. Discussions may also be in English and Spanish. Attendees do not have to be bilingual. Copies of Ángeles Mastretta’s Women with Big Eyes = Mujeres de ojos grandes (bilingual ed.) will be held at the 2nd floor Readers Services Desk one month before the discussion. Call to register at (847) 448-8620!