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¡Ask a Mexican! / ¡Pregúntale al mexicano¡


LOL_Ask a Mexican.SPA_Coverby Gustavo Arellano

Originally appearing in Gustavo Arellano’s popular Orange County weekly column, ¡Ask a Mexican! chronicles into one acerbic volume 2 years of questions and answers. Arellano answers serious, curious, and sometimes hateful but mostly irreverent questions about Mexicans (including language, sex, immigration and food), wittily defuses bigotry and mocks stereotypes with his often well-researched replies. This lighthearted and irreverent celebration of Mexican-American culture challenges clichés and misconceptions, while offering insight into its complexity and power as an American economic force.

The group will meet Wednesday, June, 7-8:00 pm, 3rd Floor, Seminar Room, Main Library. Attendees have the option to read in English and/or Spanish. Discussions may also be in English and Spanish. Attendees do not have to be bilingual. Copies of Gustavo Arellano’s ¡Ask a Mexican! (Spanish: ¡Pregúntale al mexicano¡) will be held at the 2nd floor Readers Services Desk one month before the discussion. Call to register at (847) 448-8620!