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My Bloody Life / Latin King: mi vida sangrienta


By ReymLOL_My bloody life.SPA_COVERundo Sanchez

Disowned by an abusive mother & stepfather, young Reymundo Sanchez was sent to live with an apathetic stepbrother. By the age of 11, Sanchez had learned to survive on the streets and, by 14-years old, was initiated into the Latin Kings, a Chicago gang. His reputation for crazed violence earned him the nickname ‘Lil Loco.’ His teenage life was one of sex, drugs, booze and gang revenge—until he escaped the Latin Kings at the age of 21. Sanchez’ memoir, My Bloody Life, is no glamorization of gang life: it captures the bloody violence & bleak hopelessness of countless urban teens.

The group will meet Wednesday, February 10, 7-8:00 pm, 3rd Floor, Seminar Room, Main Library. Attendees have the option to read in English and/or Spanish. Discussions may also be in English and Spanish. Attendees do not have to be bilingual. Copies of Reymundo Sanchez’ My Bloody Life (Spanish: Latin King: mi vida sangrienta) will be held at the 2nd floor Readers Services Desk one month before the discussion. Call to register at (847) 448-8620!